Where Do You Go To Express Yourself?

The goal of speaking is to connect with your audience. Once you are connected to you audience life is so much easier, because your presentation becomes a dialogue with the audience. Connect with your audience and they will laugh with you. Connect with your audience and they will clap for you. Connect with your audience and they will buy your ideas and products.

Now what is the starting point of creating a strong connection (to anyone in that case)? And where do we go to find it?

Before you can connect with your audience, you must connect with yourself. You are the starting point. You are the magnet that attracts other people. To express yourself, you must experience yourself. To experience yourself, you want to go i n s i d e.

2005 Deepak Chopra published his book Synchro Destiny. Here he writes:


Imagine the field of infinite intelligence, the level of existence that creates and synchronizes everything, as the ocean. Each of us is like a wave in that ocean. We are created from it, and it makes up the very core of who we are.


To go inside is like taking a swim out into the ocean of who we are. To go inside means to leave the boundries of our everyday thoughts.  To go inside means to be silent.

We find silence in meditation. We find silence on a walk. We find silence by sitting on a bench in the park or by the ocean. The more we observe silence, harmony and peacefulness, the more these qualities become part of us. The quieter and calmer our mind is, the more power and magnetism we will create, on and off the stage.