More Influence Through This Vocal Tip By Roger Love

Recently I received this newsletter from the world famous vocal coach Roger Love. Yes, our voice alone makes a huge difference in our communication. But because Roger is the expert, I’ll let him go at it…
I love to speak about how sound is all about vibrations. I teach people how to create the right sounds that will radiate from your body and affect everyone that listens to you.
I say that true influence is about making sure that you can control other people’s perceptions of you. To do that you need to make them FEEL YOU. The sounds you make have to actually vibrate and change the emotions of your listeners.
Below you’ll find a passage from Lynn Grabhorn’s work that talks about the nature and power of our vibrations, for which she uses the metaphor of a musical instrument! I think it’s important and interesting for all of you to know and think about this.
“Look, Ma, I’m Vibrating!
Everything in this world is made of energy: you, me, the rock, the table, the blades of grass. And since energy is actually vibration, that means that everything that exists vibrates. Everything! Including you and me.
Modern-day physicists have finally come to agree that energy and matter are one and the same, which brings us back to where we started: that everything vibrates, because everything–whether we see it or not–is energy.
But even though there’s only one energy, it vibrates differently. Just like the sound that pours out of a musical instrument, some energy vibrates fast (such as high notes) from high frequencies, and some vibrates slow (such as low notes) from low frequencies.
Unlike the tones from a musical instrument, however, the energy that flows out from us comes from our highly charged emotions to create highly charged electromagnetic wave patterns of energy, making us powerful–but volatile–walking magnets.”
So the next time that you’re speaking or singing, remember that your vocal chords are actually sending out vibrations that then resonate with the receiver’s body. These vibrations greatly influence how you are perceived.  Remember, it’s not your content…it’s the sounds you’re making that deliver the content that creates the biggest and INFLUENTIAL impression on people.

Roger Love