The Story Behind

An inspiring mix of dreams and problems brought us together in January 2013:

No. 1: We had big dreams of entrepreneurship and speaking, but difficulties in putting them into a focused and easy to understand message.

No. 2: A fascination for the possibilities and art of speaking, but a lack of knowledge and training in how to use our voice to transmit our message.

No. 3: No idea on how to build and grow an audience for our messages.

Carlo, being a trained philosopher, set to become a professional speaker and writer, and Kevin, a university drop out and self thought innovation and entrepreneurial geek, dreaming of cracking and teaching the secrets of successful company building, realized that there was not THE ONE solution to our problems. To be successful in our pursuit, we needed to approach speaking and entrepreneurship as art forms.

Our reality was now no different than that of any other artist: Every artist develops his or her own message and his or her own technique in expressing the message over the years. It’s a process where they constantly seek for inspiration, think about it, try new things out, discuss experiences with other artists, review their works. It’s a continuous process. Painters paint, singers sing. That’s what great artists do. And so speakers speak.

We decided we wanted to become great artists, great Speaking Artists. Since a school for artists of the spoken word didn’t exist, we decided to build the academy ourselves.

Enter the Speaking Artist Academy. Sit next to us in our Processinar. Become a Speaking Artist.


Carlo & Kevin


The Speaking Artist Academy in the making (Kevin on the left, Carlo on the right)