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The usual format in seminars is 16 – 24 hours of learning within two to three days of one week. Research shows that half a year after a seminar, participants recall only 7% of what they had learnt.

What if we took those day long ‘en block’ seminars and spread them over a time period of several weeks, with sessions of about 1-3 hours each week, do you think you would learn more?

At the Speaking Artist Academy, we take the seminar format and turn it into a process. This is the Processinar.

We believe in two parallel Processinar tracks: the Message Track and the Techniques Track.

For all our students, the Processinar of the Message Track is the foundation of our teachings. On the Techniques Track you learn the craft of a variety of areas of speaking, according to your ambition as a Speaking Artist.

  • The boundaries of my language are the boundaries of my world.
    Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein
    - Austrian-British philosopher, 1889-1951

The Processinar. The best of both worlds!

The Message Track

  • The Art of YOU.
    Your content, your message and your personality define your magnetism as a communicator. Find out who you want to become in order to feel comfortable in your skin telling others your message. This helps you to define why you do what you are doing. And when you know why you are speaking, your audience knows why it is listening. Now you are truly communicating.


The Techniques Track

  • The Art of the Basics. 
    This is the classical format of learning the art of public speaking. Get a first impression of your skills, learn simple and powerful tools and tap into your possibilities as a speaking artist.
  • The Art of Thinking. 
    A speakers saying states: “You can only speak as smart as you can think.” We agree and will take you through a process that sharpens, inspires and blends your writing, thinking and speaking.
  • The Art of Saying it with Humour. 
    Humour accelerates connection. Whether in sales, leadership, seduction or small talk, funny people make us say Yes! Why not be one of those funny people?
  • The Art of Seduction. 
    Seduction is more than flirting lines. Learning and cultivating this timeless art means to engage in a process of (re)defining yourself and your frame of mind toward the opposite sex. Overcome fears and sticking points in getting the relationship of your dreams.
  • The Art of Small talk. 
    In business and in our personal lives, a little chit-chat helps us to get warm with new people. Become more sociable and connect easily with others by mastering the big art of small talk.
  • The Art of Negotiation. 
    We all negotiate every day, whether in business or at home with our friends and partners. Learn to influence people and create win-win situations.
  • The Art of Pitching.
    As Google says on YouTube: Every business has a story to tell. The better you are at telling your business’ story, the easier it is to get investors, clients and other followers on board. Pitching is an art, because it is seduction in business.
  • The Art of Storytelling. 
    Stories can enrich any exchange of information. They speed up the reception of your ideas, create empathy and ultimately make your communication more enjoyable. Tell stories well and people will love to listen.
  • The Art of Verbal Combat. 
    Have you ever felt outrun by the wit, audacity or sheer rudeness of someone? There are actual techniques you can learn to stay on top of your verbal game and maintain your status. You will practice them here.
  • The Art of Vocal Impact. 
    You have a voice. You have a voice that was made to communicate effortlessly who you truly are and what you have to share with the world. Play with it, find it, train it!